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About The Guarantee

The Associate Degree for Transfer (also referred to as ADT) is a special degree offered at all California community colleges. The education plan/program that earns you an Associate Degree for Transfer also guarantees transfer to many four-year universities in California. Meet with a counselor at your local community college to learn if there is one of these degrees in your course of study, (also known as your major). 

The guarantee itself means that students who earn one of these degrees can transfer to a guaranteed spot at a participating university. Requirements vary depending on where you'd like to attend. With this special degree, you may be given an admission advantage when applying to certain campuses or majors, which also helps you transfer.

In addition, once you've transferred, you will in most cases only require 60 semester units (or 90 quarter units) of coursework to complete you bachelor's degree. A counselor will help you determine which four-year university offers bachelor's degrees that correspond to your Associate Degree for Transfer. It is still important for you to apply to the schools that interest you and follow admission deadlines to be considered.


Each university's guarantee is different in their eligibility requirements, so it helps to know what you want to study before you begin planning. For example, at a CSU, students are guaranteed admission into the CSU system in a similar major but not necessarily to a particular campus; at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Western Governors University and the participating independent, non-profit universities in California, students are guaranteed admission into the exact campus they apply to or to the major they want to pursue. Please note: Since the agreement between the California Community Colleges and UC system was recently signed and does not take effect until fall 2019, the specific requirements are currently being defined and will be added to this website once approved.