Click on the videos below to see how the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) has helped real students earn a bachelor's degree.  

  • CharlieAdvantages to Starting at a Community College

    After a life-changing injury, Charlie had to redefine his career path at 49 years-old. Using his ADT from Santa Rosa Junior College, he went on to graduate summa cum laude from Sonoma State.

  • MeganA Financially Smarter Plan

    Keeping college costs low was important to Megan. After transferring from Clovis Community College with an ADT, she was ready to complete her bachelor's degree and move on to her dream career in kinesiology.

  • AlaA Guaranteed Saved Spot

    Knowing he had a guaranteed saved spot at a participating four-year university took a lot of pressure off Ala. He couldn’t be happier after earning an ADT and transferring to CSU Fullerton as a theater major.

  • ChristopherA Faster Way to get your Bachelor's Degree

    Being in and out in four years made it easy. After graduating from a California community college with an ADT and earning his bachelor's degree from Fresno State, Chris was able to apply for higher positions in the workforce, giving him the confidence to go after jobs he wanted.


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