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University of California's Transfer Pathways Plan for California Community Colleges Students


In July 2015, the University of California (UC) system introduced a new academic roadmap for California community college students who plan to apply to transfer to UC campuses. The program was designed in an effort to simplify the admissions process and help students better prepare for transfer to the UC system.

The Transfer Pathways currently covers 10 of the UC’s most popular majors, including biology, economics and sociology. By following one of the UC’s new Transfer Pathways, students will take a single set of courses to prepare for their major at any one of the nine UC undergraduate campuses. Following a pathway does not guarantee admission to the UC, but it will put you on the path to preparing for your major and help position you to graduate on time from any UC campus.

Press Release - Chancellor Harris’s statement from July 7th

Program information on the UC website